Pacific Water

Since the brand’s launch in the Philippines in 2005, Pacific Water By Kings has always been committed to providing households and companies with only safe drinking water. Our origin is in Zamboanga City and later on expanded our services in Metro Manila. Through the years, we have provided Filipinos with water products that are clean and safe. Now, more clients particularly BPOs are choosing to put their trust in Pacific Water By Kings through our products. We specialized in bulk distribution of 5 gallons purified water in different BPOs and hotels in Metro Manila.

Pacific Water By Kings is a product of quality and affordable enough for the Filipino family. Compared to premium bottled water brands in grocery stores, Pacific Water By Kings delivers the same quality to your doorstep at a much affordable price.

Pacific Water By Kings is not just a simple bottled water. It provides peace of mind to its customers. Beyond the quality of our product is the kind of exceptional service we aim to deliver to our clients every time. 

Pacific Water By Kings is a 5-gallon bottled water especially formulated to the drinking needs of the whole family. Unlike your neighborhood water stations, Pacific Water By Kings utilizes an intense filtration system to prevent contamination. Microbiologists analyze samples monthly in a laboratory compliant with international standards further ensuring that the water is of superior quality. It is guaranteed by both the Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

Pacific Water By Kings is a private-owned corporation of The Kings Group of Companies.



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