KAMISETA-Instawhite Collagen Soap 150g

KAMISETA-Instawhite Collagen Soap 150g

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Instawhite Collagen Soap is a 2-in-1 whitening and anti-aging soap due to the following ingredients:
Whitening actives like Lactic Acid which is a well known AHA to improve skin tone and reduce pore appearance;
Papaya Extract which purges protein to promote skin renewal;
Glutathione and Arbutin to block skin's tyrosinase activity resulting to melanin prevention.

We can not also overemphasize presence of the following Anti-Aging actives:
Hydrolyzed Collagen which enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin to impart a soft skin texture, and;
Sunflower Oil, a potent antioxidant which is rich in Vitamin E for combatting skin issues like acne, inflammation and skin irritation.



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